Concept & realisation: Duo LarbitsSisters
Production: Larbitslab
Software development: Computer Science Department UMons
In collaboration with: Numediart, Arguslabs
With the support of:;Flanders Audiovisual Fund (VAF), Wallimage, Pictanovo
Thanks to: FabLab.iMAL, Master students of the Computer Science Department UMons


Algorithmic Tube Tales is an installation that speculates on the phenomenon of quantification of human behavior on social networks. Social networks are software-driven platforms ruled by algorithms that draw unknown forms of society, based on statistical and quantitative techniques. These algorithms are not only at the basis of disruptive shifts in our sociability, but question the fundamental principles on which society is built: from the most fundamental rights, standards, laws to our conventions and habits. Starting from Facebook as a case study, Algorithmic Tube Tales, approaches this phenomenon, building an installation that speculates on the possible outcomes generated by quantitative driven practices on social networks.


The installation allows visitors to generate video clips based on his personal data made available via the Facebook API. On the installation Algorithms are used to calculate characteristics and preferences on visitors datasets designing scenarios about a fictional life of the visitor. A plot-generator that produces data-driven plotlines identifies a key character that a user could endorse throughout his journey in the app. The plotlines of the narrative are informed and directed by the user’s behaviour on the app and the activity on Facebook woven with his friends’ network. The narrative defines the user as the main protagonist – more precisely: it’s the personal dataset of the user on which the user has given access that defines him as a main protagonist, assigning him certain traits that are masterminded by probability calculations applied to his data.


D.ART festival, Artenova, Mechelen


01/07 > 05/07/2015