Talk Bioclub Tokyo

Talk Bioclub Tokyo Talk, Photosynthesising Flowerpots • 13/06/2023 Crypto Miner Car (2022) and ongoing work on Photosynthesising flowerpots (2023) will be showcased during a talk session at BioClub Tokyo Tuesday, June 13. Please feel free to join. Date: 13/06/2023 Time: 19:00 Place: BioClub Tokyo Link:

ISEA 2020 has gone virtual

ISEA 2020 has gone virtual Talk & Panel Discussion, Bitsoil Tax & Hack campaign • 17/10/2020 Today, the theme of ISEA2020 – Why Sentience? – resonates more than ever. What does it mean to feel and to perceive during these unstable times? How do we foster connections across communities, generations, and borders through a screen?…