Concept: Duo LarbitsSisters
Executive production: Larbitslab
In collaboration with: La Villa Hermosa
With the support of: Digital Art Wallonia-Brussels, Flemish Community


The project MyMiniMaxiLoveLife develops an application which in an original way design the lovelife of internet users and by doing so formulates an alternative for the design, software technology and the logic of web 2.0 platforms.

In view of conceiving a new search system, the research project explores how the interaction between medium, perception and human behaviour in social networks is taking shape, analysis thereby the borders of digital social processes. To this end we designed an application for Facebook that uses personal data of users that interprets the digital lives of Facebook users. The application offers the user, in real time, lovelifes clips, customized from data taken from his profile, using thereby probability calculations. Through the funny and harmless side, the user allows himself to become drawn in and experiences from the inside the setbacks of using personal data at all levels. The application thus drops us to the limits of the workings of social networks, examining the way in which social network sites reconfigure human relations.


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