Concept: Duo LarbitsSisters
Production: Larbitslab
Coproduction: Larbitslab, Waag – technology & society,
With the support of: Innovatieve Partnerprojecten Grant Flemish Community, TOKAS International Creator Residency Program
Thanks to: Diabatix, Automotive Technology Lab – Thomas More Hogeschool


The Crypto Miner Car speculates on the shifting nature of the data economy and digital welfare. Central to the work is a crypto-mining structure with GPU units that are hacked up to retrieve waste heat to fuel a car while ethereum currency valuta are mined.


The Crypto Miner Car prototypes a future of wealth redistribution that confronts today’s technological and ecological challenges with disruptive thoughts at the edge of the possible, plausible and probable future scenarios. In this project the car acts as a visionary trigger and symbol for an alternative scenario of future uses of energy and social and economic renewal, just as in the 19th century oil and the automotive industry boosted the economy and created an item – the car – that remains a status symbol of daily modern life and individual freedom.


The work continues our exploration of the digital economy and turns established ideas upside down by exploring innovative technological feats – the car as a status symbol of modernity, visions of cleaner energy production and self-propelled vehicles – in a playful and provocative way in a disruptive story. Fossil fuels are running out, wealth is to a large extent unevenly distributed, new technologies are making us relate to each other differently. With the Crypto Miner Car we want to remind the public that with today’s (digital) economy and society things can and should be different.